Wooden Ear Plugs Taper Style are Back in Fashion Style

Wooden Ear Plugs and Tapers

Wooden Ear Plugs and Tapers

Within the past few years wooden taper style ear plugs or wooden ear hangers have been made mostly of acrylic, metal, and some wood and the fashion died out because no one took the time into developing a good style for them. The answer was actually starring them in the face with wood plugs, with so many different types of wood, wood grains, and safe organic wood stains all you need is the right style and the beautiful wood colors would do the rest.

Now you can get hand carved wood ear plugs, wood ear tapers, and wood ear hangers with extravagant design and beautiful wood finishes. Obviously since these new style plugs in the piercing market today are hand made it comes with a higher price but the benefits of using wood ear plugs outweigh just about any price.

Wood ear plugs are better for your skin because they are natural and organic and not manufactured for volume or carry dust particles from the factory. In stead what you get is a plug with is good for your skin. Another advantages of a wood ear plug is the do not keep in odor or smells like the Acrylic, Silicone’s, or Metals do so you can wear them every day and never feel disgusted by the smell of bacteria or fungus.

To clean your Wooden Ear Plugs the best way is with natural wood oils like Jojoba Oil which will keep your skin clean and moist and bring out the wood grain finish in your wooden ear plugs.

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