Use Jojoba Oil to Stretch Your Ear Holes or as a Regiment

Jojoba Oil to the rescue when Stretching Your ears

Jojoba Oil to the rescue when Stretching Your ears

Piercing your body and stretching you pierced ear holes can sometimes be hard on your skin so we recommend Jojoba oil. This oil will lubricate your skin when you need to put in ear plugs with a flare for easy insert, keep your skin moisturized all day without a sticky residue later, and will help with your skin healing process.

Everybody has different skin some are more moisturized than others so Jojoba Oil is best for anyone to use and especially if you have dry skin. Skin regeneration can be accelerated when it is kept moist and with this all natural oil the Jojoba Oil will keep that skin moist during almost all conditions.

Using lotions is okay if you are popping your ear plugs in but during the day like most lotion it begins to dry out and some of the lesser brands actually get sticky. Some people use vaseline with the same effect your skin for some reason will dry out the vaseline quickly and in many cases because of the constant rubbing and movement with your piercing. But Jojoba oil your skin keeps moist all day will a very small amount of application.

We recommend anyone who is stretching their ears or other body parts to use jojoba oil at all times while they are going through the skin stretching process. If you are using tapers just rub a little oil on the shaft and you will notice they slide right in and will keep moist all day, If you are using Silicone to stretch your ears you can do the same thing or rub the oil right on the pierced hole itself.

Jojoba oil is great for cleaning wood ear plugs all you need is a little dab on a rag and rub it on, and since this is a natural oil your wood ear plugs will be kept protected from expansion and weathering, for more intricate plus that may have fragile pieces use a Q-Tip and rub it on lightly.

If you have double flared ear plugs and have a tough time putting them in just use a dab of Jojoba oil and you will find that pop right in and even make a funny noise while doing it but the end result is that you are able to place them in your ears with no pain and easy slide.

Jojoba oil is an absolute must for all piercings and even small piercings that may have left your skin with bumps or a bad piercing that has gotten infected adding a little jojoba oil can sometime regress the damage and keep your skin healthy.

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