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Tattoos have definitely been seen as taboo for the longest time in American culture but as we see now a days its turned into a fashion statement and is seen as a form of art and a way to express yourself. With that being said tattoos are now more popular than ever before. Their popularity has caused people to become very creative and skilled in the art of tattooing.

Now more than ever tattoo artists are getting more creative and finding out ways to tattoo parts we wouldn’t think could be tattooed for example eyelids and even eyeballs. Eyeballs and eyelids have not yet become a trend but the future looks bright for these body parts that are better left for major tattoo lovers. One trend that is being seen a lot are sleeves.

Sleeves are definitely attention grabber with most sleeves having several different colors to them they really catch peoples attention. Just like there big on attention getting there also big in meaning. If you look at a persons sleeves chances are high that the tattoos have something to do with there life experiences or with their beliefs. Sleeves go great with both men and woman and give them (especially woman) a very modern rock look. Now more than ever woman are tattooing their bodies. Sleeves are a very common thing to see on a woman along with back tattoos that enhance a woman’s beauty.

Back tattoos are definitely one of the tattoos that attract the most attention when exposed and is definitely a turn on for the opposite sex. Tattoos are one of the biggest forms of expressing yourself in the form of art and as time keeps moving forward more people from all societies will see it such way.


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