Say yes to Piercings

Piercing is Beautiful

Are you debating on getting that new body piercing you know will look fabulous?  Are you worried that people will change there good perspective about you to a negative perspective?  Well getting a BellyEyebrowEar or Lip piercing is a decision you should definitely put some thought into but don’t put so much though on what people will think of you. See Society in just about every culture doesn’t make much about people with piercings.  I know back in the 70’s and  up until recently society viewed people with piercings as hippies low life, rebels,  and even as diabolic. Well fortunately times have changed and people with piercing are no big deal.  Even employers are allowing their employees to have piercings  whether its on the eyebrowlipears, etc..

Employers that don’t allow their employees to have piercings allow their employees to wear retainers while at work. Piercings have become so popular that even Hollywood most famous stars are getting them.  Stars like Nicole Richie, Mel B (from spice girls), even Janet Jackson are known to have at least one body piercing. As you can see having a body piercing is not really a big deal.  A piercing can actually make you more appealing to the opposite sex. Why?  Well because it can bring a sexy look to you and who doesn’t like sexy. This is why I say yes to piercings.

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