Organic Stone Plugs

Organic Stone Ear Plugs

One of the hottest must have items in the world of plugs are natural stone plugs. These natural stone plugs deliver a unique look with most of them being a one of a kind set since no two stones are exactly alike. This trend has hit hard especially in Southern California and is sure to spread nation wide through all the talk there getting through piercing magazines.

Though more stores are caring these stone plugs there still very hard to find do to there rarity since this item has just started to get a high demand from consumers. Its price also makes it hard for stores to carry these plugs. Natural stone plugs will cost you a bit more than the usual plastic plugs but really it’s worth its price. These plugs don’t cause your ears to stink up as bad as plastic plugs and are much more durable plus there organic.

Since it’s a rock they will also not crack on you like wood plugs would.

The best part about these plugs is how great they look on persons ears male or female. Some of the most demanded rocks are agate, turquoise, jade, and rose quartz. You can find organic stone plugs on line or if you have a local store that sales a great variety of plugs you may find them there.


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