Monroe lip piercings are back in style for Elegant and Sassy

Monroe Piercings

There are few people in this world who have made moles or what most women call beauty marks a sincerely sweet gorgeous trend out of a blemish everyone from Marilyn MonroeCindy Crawford, and other great actresses or models. Lip Rings or some people call Monroe Piercings have made a come back and one of the hottest trends for the younger generations. And we are not talking about captive or looping rings these are rings that stand out as a standalone jewel sticking out of the upper lip or bottom lip cheek but the most tradition way is the upper lip to the left or right depending on what your good side is, and mostly a female piercing accessory.

Before you get a Monroe ring finding your best side the first part of the equation. to find your best side look into a mirror and look at both halves of your face to find which one looks better to you, and it is always a good idea to ask a friends you trust for that information as well. Some people believe that putting a Monroe ring on the opposite side of your best side will bring out the beauty of both halves. This is not the case what happens is, when you wear a lip ring like that peoples eyes automatically track to that side because of this sparkly gem coming from your lip. You want to use a Monroe lip ring like an accent to your good side so that people will stare at that side only allowing your radiant and sexy, sassy attitude stand out in the crowd.

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