Faux Fake Ear Plugs Are Fun For Everyone

Animal Faux Fake Ear Plugs

Animal Faux Fake Ear Plugs

Faux Fake Ear Plugs are great for everyone, these earrings are now not just for people who want to trick people into thinking that they have their Ears Stretched but now are for everyone because of the fun and simplicity of the design of the Faux Ear Plug. At one time Fake Ear plugs were for people who only wanted to see what theirs ear may look like if they stretched their ears to a 0 gauge or 00 Gauge which is about 9 millimeters in diameter. The old Faux Ear plugs were usually very plain and only consisted of a solid color or you could get the same plain color patters in a fake ear taper but now the industry has boomed into a more fun natural theme designs.

Fake Ear plugs and Fake Ear Tapers can now just be a regular fashion just like any ear jewelry because of the multiple styles of designs that manufacturers of these types of earrings produce. Each Fake ear plug or tape is usually made of different materials such as Acrylic, Metal, and even wood. But just like regular earrings you need to be careful of what kind of metal material the stud poles are made of, the best ones will be made of Surgical Steel with no additives.



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