Double Plugs

Double Ear Plugs

We all know that plugs are a huge trend right now.  No matter the age or sex people all over the world are into stretching their ears.  Like all big hit trends people always find a way to re invent them.  One way people are reinventing this trend is by placing two sets of plugs in their ears.  This idea allows people to express themselves and their fashion in a more artsy creative way.

The most common order people put them in is a bigger gauge goes in the front and a smaller gauge goes right behind but it can be done in any order.  For people who like this idea and want to slowly stretch them you want to make sure that when you get your ears pierced they have a good distance in between them to not allow the holes to meet causing your ears to rip which is the worst thing that can ever happen.

Having two sets of plugs in your ears allows you to mix and match more patterns therefore having a better design having double plugs will really make look like a total trend setter science having double plugs is something that is just catching on but is sure going to be the next big thing.  For more information you can go to your nearest tatoo or piercing store.

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